Melissa Feldman

Dave Brooks and his Black Sheep crew are my heroes.  Black Sheep achieved what two other roofers over two years (and many costly bills!) failed to achieve.  Dave promised he would discover the source of the roof leak in one day. He did. Dave promised he would repair the leak in two days.  He did. 
Besides being one hell of a roofer, Dave and his Black Sheep crew possess many qualities which I consider essential for anyone working in and on my home. Dave excels at all of these: professional, reliable (he was at my door at the stroke of 8:00 AM as promised), very knowledgeable, trustworthy, tidy, organized, kind, fair minded, respectful and very, very clever. I get the feeling Dave enjoys roofing, solving problems and helping others.  I would recommend Dave and Black Sheep to anyone. Thank you Dave!