Katherine Robinson and Harvry Stein

Dave and his crew take great pride in the quality of the work, paying attention to the smallest details from  start to finish. They are truly craftsman when it comes to everything, especially the copper work. They have the experience to understand and select the proper high quality materials, down to the sealants to assure that the roof will last for years.
100% dependable did everything as stated plus more, no nickel and diming, no change orders. They protected the property, completely cleaned up each day including the neighbor’s properties and we live in very close quarters in a small courtyard in the city. No cigarette butts because there was no smoking. Dave and the crew are the most respectful, nicest contractors I have ever hired. These guys don’t play around they show up on time and work steady all day in a very safe manner.
You get what you pay for – no question that you can spend a lot less, but in the long run it will cost you more. We have been through this and learned our lesson, that if you hire the right contractor, you don’t have to worry about anything. Blacksheep is the right contractor for people who want the job done right and not to have to ever worry about their roof again.