Robert A. Gorman

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the work that you have done this week on my townhouse in Center City. The gutters were badly in need of repair and replacement, related work needed to be done to attach and seal the gutters (which had allowed squirrels to enter our attic every fall and winter), and our metal roof was badly in need of patching and repainting. You responded to my initial phone call quickly and courteously; you promptly came to my house to inspect the premises; you provided me (very much to my suprise)with a compact disk with photos documenting the extremly poor condition of my roof; and you provided a detailed and fair estimate as to the work that you need to do along with the price.

When I decided to move forward, you were accessible by telephone at all times (or you called back promptly), you set a day for the start of work and you came when promised, you and your team were here early in the mornings and worked effciently throughtout the workday, you cleaned up immaculately, and you and your team were at all times pleasant and courteous. 

Best of all, the work that you did on my gutters and roof was thorough and careful, and it looks absolutely terrific! What had previously been badly worn down, and something of an embarrassment, now looks like new - in materials, installation, caulking, painting, etc. You performed the work in a manner that caused no disruption whatsoever in our daily activites and the use of our house. I want you to know how pleased I am with your work, and I am happy to tell that to others as well.

Melissa Feldman

Dave Brooks and his Black Sheep crew are my heroes.  Black Sheep achieved what two other roofers over two years (and many costly bills!) failed to achieve.  Dave promised he would discover the source of the roof leak in one day. He did. Dave promised he would repair the leak in two days.  He did. 
Besides being one hell of a roofer, Dave and his Black Sheep crew possess many qualities which I consider essential for anyone working in and on my home. Dave excels at all of these: professional, reliable (he was at my door at the stroke of 8:00 AM as promised), very knowledgeable, trustworthy, tidy, organized, kind, fair minded, respectful and very, very clever. I get the feeling Dave enjoys roofing, solving problems and helping others.  I would recommend Dave and Black Sheep to anyone. Thank you Dave!

Katherine Robinson and Harvry Stein

Dave and his crew take great pride in the quality of the work, paying attention to the smallest details from  start to finish. They are truly craftsman when it comes to everything, especially the copper work. They have the experience to understand and select the proper high quality materials, down to the sealants to assure that the roof will last for years.
100% dependable did everything as stated plus more, no nickel and diming, no change orders. They protected the property, completely cleaned up each day including the neighbor’s properties and we live in very close quarters in a small courtyard in the city. No cigarette butts because there was no smoking. Dave and the crew are the most respectful, nicest contractors I have ever hired. These guys don’t play around they show up on time and work steady all day in a very safe manner.
You get what you pay for – no question that you can spend a lot less, but in the long run it will cost you more. We have been through this and learned our lesson, that if you hire the right contractor, you don’t have to worry about anything. Blacksheep is the right contractor for people who want the job done right and not to have to ever worry about their roof again. 

Merril Greene, Famell Partnership

A good contractor is hard to find, to put a fresh spin on an old saw, but lazy, rude money-grubbing contractors seem to be as common as McDonald’s wrappers on Delaware Ave. Because we have been so consistently disappointed with so many contractors and tradesmen, in Philadelphia and elsewhere, our experience with Black Sheep compels us to express our admiration for your company’s exemplary professionalism. The design of the Black Sheep presentation material, which is unexpected and exciting, suggests not only a happy design sense, but a concern about the way your company is perceived. Package design is often a veneer. In the case of Black Sheep, I found the qualities of your company’s design identity to be representative of the core standards throughout the work you performed.
At every stage of contact, Black Sheep Shocked us with its reliability, Thoroughness, and focus. The bid was comprehensive and, most importantly, served the client, not the contractor. The bid was presented timely, and did not require harassment on the part of on the part of the client, which seems almost “de rigeur” the days. Three possible approaches to the work were presented, accompanied by a sic of jpg’s, which documented existing roofing conditions. A design-build firm, acting on our behalf, made several revisions, without the ego which often shifts the conversation away from the job to the competency of the contractor. Black Sheep’s found resourceful solutions to several knotty problems: a drainpipe angled , anchored, and painted to fade into the masonry,  with consideration to how best to move it out the way by masons doing future brickwork: a stringer thrown up under a staircase – all in the course of work. The job was completed without fuss: your crew was prompt; worked quietly and cleanly; the job was completed on time; a walk-through of the easily accessible work done at my request; photos if the less accessible rooftop work, delivered within a week of the job’s completion. An invoice was presented, as requested, and, hallelujah, Black Sheep was not among the legion of contractors who seem more interested in receiving payment in full before the work is finished. We paid you quickly because we were thoroughly satisfied with your work, and believe wholeheartedly that if problems arise, Black Sheep will be back to check any problems, without complaint. 
If it is not already obvious, we wish to range of Black Sheep’s expertise extended beyond roofing and metal work. If our experience is typical (it seemed too professional to be an anomaly), Black Sheep would be our go-to contractor for everything.